Moving In

Moving into an apartment/house can be a very exciting time, as you'll have a new place to live and a new sense of freedom - as well as a new set of responsibilities. OCSS is here to help prepare you for your off-campus move.


Schedule utility connections

Generally, it is the tenant's responsibility to make arrangements for utility connections (such as water, gas, electric, refuse, cable, and Internet). It is beneficial to contact utility companies at least two weeks in advance. Make sure you get on the schedule as quickly as possible.

In addition, it is advisable that individuals do not put all utility bills in one person's name. If someone does not pay his/her share of the bills one month, you do not want the burden always to fall on the same person. In addition, setting up a utility bill in your name helps build credit, so take this opportunity to build your credit and learn how to pay bills - on time. Also note that many companies may require deposits for new accounts or those with short credit history. Remember to ask ahead about deposits, billing cycles and startup costs!




Purchase renter’s insurance

It is highly recommended that all tenants purchase renter's insurance. Landlords typically have property insurance to cover the actual structure of the building, but this does not cover your personal property. Many apartment communities require renter's insurance. You need to make sure to have insurance to replace your belongings if they are damaged in a fire or flood, or are stolen. Check to make sure what it covers; you may want to look into additional coverage for your personal property. Most insurance companies will provide competitive rates if you bundle your insurance package (for example, if you have your automobile insurance and renter's insurance through the same company). Renter's insurance is very inexpensive; there is no excuse for not having it!


Update your local address

Update your new, local off-campus address on MY ASU each year. Keeping your local address up to date with the university makes sure that important communications reach you in a timely manner Also make sure you keep the post office up to date with your local address. Visit


Other important tips:

  • Sign up for the ASU Alert and Advisory system
  • Preplan your commute to class - know when and how you will make it to your schedule classes each day, also have alternative methods thought out in case or emergencies, traffic or delays.