Off Campus Connections

Off-Campus Student Services (OCSS) was created to meet YOUR needs as an off-campus student. Our goal is to help inform and support students in developing independent life skills and being responsible community members as they move from on campus environment.

We know that the transition to living off-campus (alone or with roommate), commuting from home, working or managing a family can be complicated. OCSS is here to help you with those challenges.


Be A Good Neighbor Partners

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Inclusion in this website is not an endorsement from Arizona State University or ASU Off-Campus Student Services (OCSS). ASU is not responsible for the contents of any linked site. ASU has not checked or approved these properties for fire, heat, or safety conditions and makes no warranties or representations concerning these items. Individual property owners have the responsibility for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for renters.

We are not responsible for any errors, omissions, or misrepresentations in the information posted on the linked site. Property information, including program requirements, availability, features, safety conditions and rent ranges should be verified independently with the property managers.

We do not work with individual students/tenants on a one-on-one basis to place them in housing. We do not guarantee that you will find the housing you are looking for, or will be placed in such housing. We encourage student/tenants to do their own thorough research into each property in order to find the best housing option for their particular needs. When signing a lease or any type of binding contract, it is very important to read all the information. If you do not understand something in the lease, be sure to get a full definition and understanding prior to signing. Generally, once a lease is signed, the student/tenant assumes full responsibility for location, condition, and contractual terms of the off-campus rental.

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